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Successful businesses have adopted the approach of keeping the main thing, your main thing. Instead of being bogged down with all the emerging technology options.

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Busy running your business and have no time to comb through your network devices, cyber threats, or know the latest technology that can save you time and money?


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TechSavvi CMMC compliant audit NIST experts requirement Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

TechSavvi provides IT expert consulting services to help DOD contractors achieve 100% compliance with CMMC regulations.


We can help you get your business set up to have successful equipment ordering, ISP negotiations, project planning, VOIP service setup, and workstation setup
Of course we can! We will make the communication between TechSavvi and your IT department as seamless as possible.
TechSavvi has direct partnerships with vendors that enable them to get better pricing due to partner agreements and we pass these savings on to their clients. In a lot of cases we can help you access lower prices for a range of products and services, and even help you save money on your licenses. TechSavvi can utilize software licensing experts to identify areas where you may be overspending or paying for more than you may need. Licensing is complex and can easily become a sinkhole. Software Asset Management (SAM) services help you tame an out-of-control software landscape, so you can maximize the value of your IT budget, eliminate underutilized resources, and save money on your licenses. Most businesses with over 25 employees will have at least one or two people in house looking after day-to-day IT tasks depending on the business complexity and dependency on hardware and applications, but of course technology and business requirements change so quickly it is very difficult for one person to be an expert in vast number of fields in IT. For many businesses important changes and projects that could save you money can often fall to the wayside as everyday IT management and support is so time-consuming. While extending your internal department may be your ideal, recruitment costs are high, and paying the salaries of a larger and more specialized team is not always feasible. Beyond just the costs involved, quality IT skills are some of the highest in demand. This means even if money wasn’t an issue, finding and filling vacancies is a challenge in itself. TechSavvi can provide you with a helping hand when a full-time staff member isn’t required. You get access to complete team of tech specialists at a far more affordable price point. Many of our clients have internal IT staff and use our team to fill skills gaps and access leading tools and software at a lower cost. We can pick up daily IT support and management so your team can focus on more meaningful projects, or deliver upgrades and transformations on your behalf. With years of experience and expertise in ITIL frameworks, our team can help you implement changes that improve efficiency and reduce costs.
We don’t know of a company that can guarantee that a client’s business will not be compromised during the duration of servicing the business. We can say that you the business owner should be able to sleep better knowing that when an issue arises TechSavvi will be there to take care of it.
Businesses know that when you prevent IT downtime, you save money. Technology is constantly changing and facilitates most modern business processes, when core systems or applications fail or crash, your business loses the ability to operate, transact, connect with customers and deliver services. This can result in missed opportunities and a huge loss of revenue that only grows as each hour passes. In fact, ITIC’s Hourly Cost of Downtime Survey saw 90% of businesses report that 60 minutes of downtime to a critical server typically costs between $10,000 and $10,000,000. Indirect costs which are more difficult to quantify in monetary value include the cost of interruption to productive work and connectivity that impact both employees and clients. Disruptions and loss of access prevents staff from getting stuff done – and the cost of this can spiral if downtime is a regular occurrence. Keeping downtime to a minimum is a simple way to reduce costs, and TechSavvi has the tools and expertise to ensure that you can save money by preventing system failures, quickly resolving outages and keeping downtime to a minimum.
In some cases. Let’s talk and see what we can figure out.
TechSavvi can work project by project by submitting a quote.
Yes we can. Just let us know your project and we will find a solution customized to you.
You can see it everywhere gas prices, food, real estate, life is getting expensive. We are in uncertain times for both our families and our businesses. The Federal Reserve increased its key interest rate seven times in 2022 as consumer goods prices continued to rise throughout the year. Businesses are under increasing pressure to run lean. So how can you reduce costs in a time when the price of everything is going up? And is there a way to save money and improve efficiency? Yes & Yes – by having TechSavvi serve as your Managed Service Provider (MSP). TechSavvi is not your basic big box break/fix shop. TechSavvi strives to be your IT partner to help you achieve IT goals and improve outcomes. We can enpower you to lower the cost of managing IT systems, find ways to improve efficiency, gain greater control over your IT budget and much, much, more. There are over 60% of midsized businesses and nearly 3 out of 4 large firms utilize an MSP.


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Basic Plan includes
1 Seat Minimum
Weekly Backup of Critical Files
Application Patches & Updates
24/7 Monitoring
Monthly Operating System Backup
Ticket System to Log Incidents
IT Preventative Maintenance
Server Backups
User Remote & On-site Support
Monthly Executive IT Reports
IT Documentation
IT Asset &Inventory Management
Device Security Updates
Managed Anti-virus & Anti-Malware
Web Contact Filling
Microsoft 365 Email Security Configurations
Everything included in Basic Plan Plus
5 Seat Minimum
Daily Backup of Critical Data
Disaster Recovery Plan
VPN Remote Access
Internet Service Failover
24/7 Emergency Support
IT Policies & Basic Cyber Policies
Future Technology Roadmap
Annual Technology Review & Cyber Risk Report
Ransomeware Protection
User Cybersecurity Training
Everything included in Standard Plan Plus
5 Seat Minimum
Realtime Backup of Critical Files
Biannual Technology Review & Cyber Risk Report
Simulated Phishing Attacks
Cybersecurity Policies
Multifactor Authentication
Advanced Log Management (SIEM)
Vulnerability Scans
Annual Full Cyber/Pen Test/Risk Assessment
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